Service Costs (effective July 1, 2017):  The costs of services in the following tables are estimates based on straight forward analysis of samples.  However, because each samples and project has it's own unique challenges, costs may vary due to additional procedures required for successful mass spectrometry analysis.  These additional procedures and their costs will be discussed with the investigator at the initial consultation or, if need arises, after samples are submitted when costs may increase more than 20%.  

Examples of Costs for Common Workflows


Protein Identification

Solution/Gel Bands $200
MudPIT (24 fractions) $3465

Protein Quantifictation



(10 samples compared using mass tags)


Post Translational Modifications (Before and After Enrichment)

Mapping (Solution/Gel bands) $345
Quantitation (10 samples compared using mass tags) $7830

High Resolution Intact Mass Analysis


Rates for Self-Service Equipment

Training per person $150
Use per hour $120
Training per person $0
Use per hour $60

For additional pricing examples for your particular study, please consult with the Proteomics Facility Staff.

If you are a researcher outside of Johns Hopkins, and are not federally funded, an additional 36% user fee may be applied to the total.

Please contact Dr. Robert Cole for details; Robert Cole 410-614-6968 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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